Amundi launches MSCI Europe Climate Action ETF

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21 June 2023 – Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager and the leading European ETF provider1, today announces the expansion of its climate ETF offering with the Amundi MSCI Europe Climate Action UCITS ETF. The launch is supported by an initial investment of more than €500 million from Ilmarinen, Finland’s largest private earnings-related pension insurance company2.

The Amundi MSCI Europe Climate Action UCITS ETF tracks an index designed to identify European companies assessed as the top 50%3 sector leaders in terms of their positioning and actions relative to the climate transition4. The Index methodology uses metrics such as carbon intensity, Science Based Targets3, climate risk management and revenues to assess, rank and select the leading companies. The index also screens out companies involved in Controversial Weapons, Tobacco, Thermal Coal Mining, Oil Sands and Nuclear Weapons3

The Amundi MSCI Europe Climate Action UCITS ETF rewards companies in the real economy taking positive action in the fight against climate change, while giving investors an alternative from ESG and Climate ETFs linked to the Paris-Aligned (PAB) and EU Climate Transition (CTB) benchmarks.  

Ilmarinen, which provides pension insurance for approximately 1.1 million people and has around €57 billion in investment assets5, has made sustainability and responsibility an integral aspect of its company philosophy and investment strategy for more than a decade.  

Juha Venalainen

The Amundi MSCI Europe Climate Action UCITS ETF investment will achieve a Europe exposure in Ilmarinen’s passive equity portfolio to companies which we believe have a chance of performing better than their competitors when the business environment changes due to climate warming. We believe that for investors, these companies offer a more profitable investment in the long run than their competitors.

Juha Venäläinen

Senior Portfolio Manager at Ilmarinen

Gaetan Delculee

We are pleased that Ilmarinen has partnered again with Amundi with this initial investment of over €500 million. Both organisations have a history of responsible investing and engaging constructively with companies in the climate transition. We are proud to expand our ETF offering with a broad exposure to companies taking real action to protect our common future.

Gaëtan Delculée

Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta Sales

The Amundi MSCI Europe Climate Action UCITS ETF adds to Amundi’s existing range of more than 30 climate ETFs aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and aims to give investors a more flexible option for responsible investing beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.  

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4. On the basis of sector-relative carbon intensity and measures taken to reduce GHG emissions
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