Investment Week’s interview with Amundi ETF on Voting and Engagement 

Katrina Lloyd, editor-in-chief of Investment Week, was joined by Caroline Le Meaux, Global Head of ESG Research, Engagement and Voting at Amundi, and Frederic Hoogveld, Head of Investment Specialists and Market Strategy, Amundi ETF, ahead of the Women in Investment Awards 2023.

They discussed what Amundi is doing to lead the ESG transformation across all aspects of the business, including engagement and providing solutions to meet client needs. Le Meaux explained how Amundi works with companies in which it invests and uses its voice to push for change in areas such as diversity & inclusion. Hoogveld then outlined how Amundi ETF works with companies to meet their needs in terms of the ESG solutions it provides.  

The pair also shared a case study about the Ambition Climate Index, which was launched for the French CDC Ambition Climate Fund, including how it meets client requirements, as well as the implementation of a dedicated engagement policy.

Finally, they discussed a number of emerging trends in this area that ESG investors should consider. 

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