Webinar: Is ESG the new core?

How to give your core allocation an ESG makeover?

We’re all less certain about what the future holds given geopolitical conflict, social inequality, and the climate emergency.

But there is one thing we are certain of. This era of unconscious prosperity, of profit whatever the cost, is no longer sustainable.
It’s time to adopt world-conscious investing behaviours which will shape the decades to come.

Thankfully, more and more investors all over the world share that view. That’s what drives us to develop innovative investments that address extra-financial risks, whether through simple ESG screens or high-conviction climate benchmark integration, and provide alternatives to traditional core funds.

So how would an “ESG makeover” affect your portfolios?

In our webinar “Is ESG the new core?” on the 10th of November, Vincent Denoiseux, Head of ETF Investment Strategy at Amundi ETF had an insightful discussion with Jan Kramer, Head of Portfolio Management Investment Products Commerzbank AG on how converting a core portfolio to ESG can create a meaningful effect on carbon footprint and ESG score, while preserving risk/return characteristics.