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Megatrends are economic, environmental, social and technological forces reshaping the world for everyone, every day.  

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Driving global change.

Megatrends are wide-reaching and fast-moving, but their legacy will be enduring.

​​​​​​​Capitalising on megatrends could be an appealing opportunity for many investors, but such rapid change can be hard to navigate.  We believe thematic ETFs are a compelling solution because they provide a simple and transparent and cost-effective way to access the ideas and innovations at the forefront of change.

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Key megatrends reshaping our world


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Source: Amundi, data as at end of June 2023.

The megatrends reshaping our world.


Technological breakthroughs

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, e-commerce, advanced robotics and big data are all changing how we live and work.  These technologies are primed to disrupt established industries and improve the quality of lives.

Shifting global economic power

China and other “developing” countries are shifting from production to consumption economies, creating major opportunities for local and international businesses alike.


Demographic and social change

Demographics are shifting around the world.  Some populations are ageing rapidly, limiting their workforce and straining healthcare systems.  Others are young and growing, creating new labour and consumer markets.  Seize the opportunities arising from the world's evolving landscape.


Rapid urbanisation

In the 1950s, 30% of the world lived in cities.  Today it's 55%, and it could be 68% by 2050*.  As cities grow, massive investment is flowing into infrastructure and sustainability to cope the increase in urban dwellers.

* Source: United Nations, 2019.



Climate change and resource scarcity

The momentous shift towards sustainable investing is one of the most revolutionary investment developments of our time.  This redirection of capital towards greener companies and technologies will shape our futures and help safeguard our planet for generations to come.

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